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General Chemical Corp. is your One Stop Shop manufacturer and distributor of car care chemicals to clean, restore, and improve vehicles appearance. AutoGeneral offers the highest quality products and service direct to you. Used by professional OEM manufactures, automakers, detailers, car collectors and enthusiasts alike, AutoGeneral products are manufactured to the highest quality standards Our AutoGeneral Degreaser and AutoGeneral True Grit Hand Cleaner have been tested by various garages with nothing but positive feedback.

Anti Fog Glass Cleaner

Anti Fog Glass Cleaner

brakes, brake pads, non squeak, new brakes

Anti Squeak

spray booth, paint booth,

Body Shop Paint Booth

Suds, Car Wash, Car Wash Shampoo, Soap, Soapy

Car Wash Shampoo

Truck Wash

Concentrated Alkaline Vehicle Wash

Engine Degreaser


Streak free

Glass Cleaner

Clean Interior

Interior Shine

Rim Cleaner, Alloy Wheels,

Non-Etching Aluminum Cleaner

Peel Coating

Peel-able Coatings

Solvent Based Tire Shine

Tire Shine Solvent Based

Tire Shine Water based

Tire Shine Water Based

Clean Semi

Truck Wash Soap

Dirty Hands, Gritty Cleaner

True Grit Hand Cleaner