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Introduction: Non-Etching Aluminum Cleaner

DESCRIPTION: AutoGeneral Non-Etching Aluminum Cleaner is an aluminum cleaner and brightener formulated to clean aluminum wheels, vehicles, trailers, and the like. It is designed to effectively remove residual dirt, oils, black welding soot, corrosion, oxide films, design marker, and microscopic projections from polished and extruded aluminum surfaces without “white” etching or pitting.

Non Etching Aluminum Cleaner

VOC (lbs/gal)
Wt/Gal (lbs/gal)

AutoGeneral® Vehicle Wash Concentrate 710 HD
NA 0.038.69-119-11 Green liquid that combines the cleaning ability of biodegradable detergents, environmentally friendly sequestering agents and grease cutting alkalis.

AutoGeneral® Aluminum Cleaner/Brightener/Polisher 503 HD
NA 0.038.671This product is designed for cleaning the finished product e.g. Horse Trailers, Recycling Trucks, Feed Carriers, Semi Dumps, Bulk Carriers (milk, flour cement, petroleum, etc.), Wheels, Fuel Tanks, and Cattle Pots.

Typical Properties

AppearancePHVOC (EPA 24)DensityFlash Point
Green9-110.03 lbs/gal8.67 lbs/galNone


Water Based
Widespread Utility


AutoGeneral Non Etching Aluminum Cleaner is used as received.

  1. The product must be used with a chemical resistant self priming pump sprayer. It cannot go through the traditional siphoning mechanism of a pressure washer as it will corrode the springs.
  2. Regulate the air pressure to 40 to 50 psi.
  3. If the metal is hot, thoroughly cool and wet the entire surface to be treated and have a pressure washer ready for rinsing.
  4. Spray the product onto the surface, assuring complete film coverage. Once the application is complete, allow an exposure time of 60 seconds but nor more than 90 seconds. Brushing may facilitate more efficient cleaning. DO NOT let the chemical dry on the metal surface as it may stain the surface is not rinsed properly.
  5. Using a pressure washer, rinse all chemical solution from the surface, preferably from the top down.
  6. If desired, wipe dry with a clean dry cloth or chamois.

Please refer to the SDS for proper safety instructions.

MATERIAL COMPATIBILITY: Avoid strong oxidizing agents (i.e. bleach), strong bases (i.e. ammonia) and active metals.

SHIPPING: AutoGeneral® Non Etching Aluminum Cleaner is shipped in plastic pails and drums.