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Anti Fog Glass Cleaner 5603

AutoGeneral Anti Fog Glass & Window Cleaner | Ammonia Free Water Based Solution | Clean Windshields, Improve Driving Visibility, Remove Grease, Frost & Mud | For Stovetops, Kitchen Surfaces & More buy-now-blue-300x73

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Product Description

We Made Cleaning Time Easy For All!


  • fogging up.
  • driving hazards.
  • windows full of frost.
  • cleaning time.
  • greasy spots and stubborn grime!

With an AutoGeneral anti fogging cleaner. This cleaner is suitable for both personal and professional use. Perfect for auto repair, auto sales, aviation, janitorial industries, home use, household repairs, your car, windows and more.

Use a sprayer bottle to facilitate application!

Improve Visibility & Eradicate Distractions While Driving!

How many times did you end up wiping fog and moisture off your car’s windows? If the answer is many, then this anti fogging cleaner is the way to go.

We know that the formation of fog on any glass surface results in visibility loss. A crucial problem for all home owners, car and bus drivers, cleaning services, pilots and literally anyone who depends upon clear visibility through a window.

Keep a bottle in your car and defog your windows in seconds. Just spray directly onto the surface and wipe until dry with a clean cloth. You are good to go.

This cleaner contains a highly potent anti fog agent which can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Stop build ups of moisture from developing. Stop foggy car windows. Stop ice and frost accumulation.

Why This Anti Fogging Cleaner Shouldn’t Be Missing From Your Cleaning Gear?

Because It …

  • is water based and has low VOC
  • contains no chemicals, no ammonia, no harmful toxins.
  • is easy to use and wipe off.
  • works on various surfaces.
  • removes grease, fog and dirt in a heartbeat.
  • improves driving visibility.
  • keeps your home spotless.
  • repels rain, sleet, and snow.

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