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AutoGeneral Car Wash Shampoo

Car Wash Shampoo by AutoGeneral: Highly Concentrated Soap For Washing Away Grease, Dirt & Grit | Gentle On Paint Surfaces – Doesn’t Strip Wax | For Cars, Trucks, RVs, & Motorcycles | Offers Rich Suds



Product Description

Washing your car is not only a fantastic approach to keep your vehicle fit as a fiddle, but also a remedy for your piece of mind.

From the day you get your vehicle, whether it was new or second hand, it most likely looked best and shiny at that time. If you want to keep that shiny look, frequent washing is highly prescribed to guarantee that your paints and clear coat are protected properly.

Why You Should Choose Our Car Wash Shampoo.

First and foremost, because we’re already proven in our field through success with other businesses. For example, radiator manufacturers in 65 countries depend on us, we supply paint strippers for many major paint manufacturers for their critical applications, and we are a world leader in supplying specialty chemical products. Our brand speaks loud to automotive enthusiasts.

A High Consistency & Safe Car Wash Shampoo.

This Car Wash Shampoo comprises of a high viscosity cleanser, creating high thickness of suds, with a balanced pH, biodegradable properties, and an amazing value for the money.

Also, it’s the ideal answer for cleaning your car, without harming paint, wheels, tires, elastic or glass. It won’t strip the wax on the surface of your car.

It’s Effective & A Value For Money.

Our superior car cleanser cuts through dirt and grease to leave your vehicle looking sparkly and prepared to wax. Plus, this car wash shampoo has a concentrated formula that will give you many washes. With this car shampoo, you don’t have to use much to create a TON of suds.

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