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AutoGeneral Glass Cleaner 5620

Car Glass Cleaner by AutoGeneral: Car Window Cleaner Removes Road Grime, Bugs, & Tough Dirt On The Outside And The Oily, Hazy Film On The Inside | Ammonia Free, Streak Free Finish buy-now-blue-300x73

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Product Description

If your mirrors are fixed with streaks and your car windows manifest poor cleaning, then this glass cleaning product for cars is for you!

This specially designed glass cleaner has a unique formula that will keep streaks away from your car windows and your mirrors.

It contains dynamic ingredients which are more active than those of other brands, thus minimizing the time you spend cleaning your car windows. It can also be used on tinted windows, since it does not contain ammonia.

Glass Cleaner effectively removes road grime, bugs, and tough dirt on the outside of automotive glass and the oily, hazy film on the inside- problems ordinary household glass cleaner can’t always overcome.

You Can Use It On Your Devices

This unique formula is safe to use on the glass surface of your cell phone or the screen of your tablet. However, you should avoid spraying on the device; Instead, you should spray a clean cloth and then wipe the surface of your device.

Multiple Other Uses

Glass Cleaner is so versatile that you can use it to clean and shine chrome, vinyl, stainless steel and many different surfaces. You can use it all through your home.

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