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AutoGeneral Interior Shine

AutoGeneral Interior Shine | Water Based, Solvent Free, Interior Conditioner | Protects Surfaces From Premature Aging & Fading | Suitable For All Interior Surfaces Including Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic



Product Description

Keep Your Vehicle In “Tip-Top” Shape Year Round.

AutoGeneral Interior Shine is the “magic bullet” that car enthusiasts have relied on for years to keep their vehicle’s interior looking its absolute finest.

When applied frequently to rubber, vinyl or plastic, our product works fast to preserve the car’s brand new look by helping prevent cracking, fading and streaking from harsh sunlight.

And remember…a well-maintained car always guarantees a higher resale value.

Benefits Include:

• Preservation of interior surfaces
• Water based, solvent FREE formula
• Guaranteed pleasant driving environment
• Low VOC
• Multipurpose application
• Long-lasting results

Recommended Use:

Our interior cleaning product is used as received.

1. Shake product well
2. Apply to a clean cloth and spread evenly or spray directly onto the surface
3. Wipe off excess liquid
4. Apply as needed to maintain surface appearance and protection

Are you ready to make your car’s interior shine like the first day you bought it?

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