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AutoGeneral Tire Shine Water Based

AutoGeneral Tire Shine (Water Based) | Solvent Free, Low VOC Tire Dressing For Great Shine & Gloss To Tires & Vinyl | Prevents Cracking, Fading & Premature Aging | Easy To Apply | Non Greasy Finish


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Product Description

The Safe & Effective Way To Make Your Wheels Shine!

AutoGeneral’s Tire Shine is a water-based, tire cleaning formula that is able to provide great shine and high gloss to tires and vinyl alike.

If applied regularly and properly, it will help protect against cracking, fading, premature aging and other harmful UV effects.

Since it is a water-based product, it does not cause any slinging and it does not contain any harsh solvents that could potentially harm the tire itself.

Application Instructions

  1. Apply the product to a clean cloth
  2. Spread evenly or spray directly onto the desired surface
  3. Wipe off the excess product
  4. Use as much as needed to maintain maximum surface protection and a brand new look

6 Reasons Why The AutoGeneral Water Based Tire Shine Is Superior To Similar Products

  • Extremely easy to be used by both professionals and first-time users
  • Low VOC, safe formula for your tires and your health
  • No slinging (water based)
  • Non-greasy finish
  • Comes in different containers depending on your personal or professional needs
  • Shields the tires against signs of premature aging and direct sun exposure (cracking, fading)

Plus, when used as directed, Tire Shine will leave a beautiful dark black satin/matte look that is completely dry to the touch and will not attract dirt.

This way, you will be able to keep your tires clean for longer and they’ll be easier to clean next time you decide to care for them.

If we can guarantee one thing, it’s that anyone who loves a clean vehicle, will love this product!

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