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AutoGeneral True Grit Hand Cleaner

AutoGeneral True Grit Hand Cleaner | Heavy Duty Scouring Hand Cleaner Soap Scrub | Perfect For Grease, Paint, Grime, Dirt, Glue, Oil Stains, Tar & More | Gentle Formula With Skin Conditioning Essentials


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Product Description

Get Your Hands Clean & In Tip-Top Condition – Starting Today!

Are you an auto mechanic, craftsman, painter, or anyone who’s used to working with grease, oil, or paint?

Don’t you hate it when you can’t take the stains out of your hands, no matter how much you wash and scrub them?

Wouldn’t you wish there was a way to keep doing what you love, without that meaning your hands will always have to be stained and dirty-looking?

If that sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place! This AutoGeneral True Grit Hand Cleaner is the ideal solution to your problem!

Forget All About Grease, Paint & Engine Oil Stains – True Grit Will Take Care Of Them All!

The True Grit heavy duty hand cleaner is more than just a scouring soap. Besides its uniquely effective formula, what makes it really stand out is the fact that it contains grit.

What this means, is that you can use True Grit to scrub your hands clean from grease, oil, or any other similar hard-to-clean substance. It will only take a moment!

Suitable For Even The Most Sensitive Skin!

At AutoGeneral, we actually care about more than “just” making effective products; we care about you.

That’s why we made sure True Grit’s composition is water-based, and its formula contains soft skin conditioning agents.

Not only is it suitable for every skin type, it will also leave your hands feeling amazing! Plus, it will leave absolutely no residue!

So, What Are You Still Waiting For?

Order Your Own AutoGeneral True Grit Hand Cleaner Right Away!

Just Click “Buy Now” And Get Your Hands Clean, Once And For All!