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FloorPeel 1820

Water based Protective Coatings, Strippable Coatings For Auto Body  Shop Paint Spray Booth



Product Description

FloorPeel_1820 is a temporary Protective Floor Strippable Coatings and Floor Peelable Coatings formulated for maintenance of  Auto Body Shop Paint Spray Booth. It protects floors from build-up of inks, spray track adhesives, paint tracks, lint, grease and grime. When it is time to clean, just peel it up.

Designed especially for Auto Body Shop Paint booth floors, I has built in traction to walk on it and avoid slippage. 1820 films are tough and durable to handle heavy forklift and foot traffic. Perfect for floor areas around presses, spray areas, high traffic routes.

It is easy to apply and very easy to peel. Maintenance costs with 1820 are reduced and floors are maintained in brand new condition. . FloorPeel 1820 has no VOC’s

Easily strippable 1820 allows easy maintenance for any Industrial Floors.
FloorPeel 1820 represents the ultimate in non-solvent strippable coatings. It is well stabilized against brittleness and it will not be softened or penetrated by solvent-based paints.
FloorPeel 1820 can be used on concrete, tile, glass, ceramic, laminates, brick, and many other non-porous clean surfaces such as :


-Concrete floors-painted or sealed
-Tile Floors-with sealed grout
-Wood floors-seal bare wood floors first to prevent pulling up wood fibers
-Laminate flooring
-Brick Floors-Apply sealant first
-Steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other ferrous and non ferrous metals
-Glass, plastic and acrylics like Lexan
-Other non-porous or well sealed floor materials.

General Chemical’s FloorPeel_1820 is a CLEAR water resistant, Peelable temporary protective coating which has many applications. It can be used to protect various types of surfaces during industrial processing. FloorPeel_1820 air dries quickly, leaving a tough, clear flexible coating that is easily removed from a variety of surfaces. FloorPeel 1820 represents the ultimate in waterborne removable coating technology. It is stabilized against brittleness and is not softened or penetrated by most water-based compounds.

Floorpeel 1820 is good over cement, linoleum and floor painted with enamels that are resistant to water. Floorpeel 1820 will adhere to enamels based on emulsions and therefore should not be used.

Benefits To You
-No Flash point Water Based for environment and worker safety
-Durable Peelable coating with Built in Traction for avoiding slippage
-Keeps everything underneath clean

FloorPeel 1820 should be used as received. It can be applied by airless spray, paint roller, or brush. The coating dries upon water evaporation. Wet coating is milky (white). Dry coating is clear. The surface to be applied with FloorPeel 1820 should be dry, clean and free from oil, grease and other water incompatible matter. The clean surface helps even distribution of FloorPeel 1820. The surface remains clean when FloorPeel 1820 is removed and surface clean up will not be necessary for second time application. FloorPeel 1820 should be applied to form a dry film in the range of 3 to 10 mils(.003″ to .010″) thick. Application temperature is ambient to no lower than 50ºF. Drying times will be affected by humidity, film thickness, air movement and temperature. Best time to apply is on week-ends or late afternoons to give a coating time to dry. Proper fan placement can speed the dry by removing water at a much faster rate. Application by roller might require a few coats. Thick coating peels in one large continuous sheet. Thin coatings will break in areas of coating weakness. FloorPeel 1820 is water based for safe use and easy water clean up. Dry coatings are water resistant. When applying FloorPeel 1820 use the same protection as used while applying paint..

Always test a small inconspicuous area first. Because of various substrate characteristics and conditions like porosity, deterioration, embattlement, adverse wear area, type of ink, paint and or other coatings applied, abrasion of panted surfaces, and the like ,it is difficult to predetermine specific effects from this product.