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TubCoat Application Instructions

TubCoat is a peelable polymer in an aqueous solution manufactured by General Chemical Corporation.

To apply, we recommend that TubCoat be applied after the pressure test is complete and the tub is dry.

1.) Clean the unit thoroughly, grit below the coating can and will damage the tub finish when pressure is applied to the coating.
2.) Note any damage and report damage on a form to the builder. Any damage not noted will be assumed to have occurred after the coating was applied.
3.) Tape the edge of the tub with 1.5″ painters tape.
4.) Point any jets to the “down” position.
5.) Cover any rough openings with tape to the tub surface. 6.) Protect the immediate area from “overspray.”
7.) Spray the tub with TubCoat using a 2200 lb airless sprayer with a .0015 to .0017 spray tip. (Graco, Airlessco, Spraytech commercial sprayer), until the material is thick enough to conceal the tub color.
8.) Apply a form near the tub stating when it was sprayed and that the protection will not be fully effective for 24 hours.

Notes: TubCoat will protect plumbing fixtures if they have already been installed. Spray over finished plumbing fixtures except for drains which should be covered.

TubCoat can be applied to most* any non porous surface, it will protect thoroughly and peel easily regardless of time on the surface. Ceramic tile (including finished grout), metal, polished stone and marble, countertops, glass, are all examples of surfaces that can safely be protected by TubCoat protectant.

Overspray can be cleaned with hot soapy water. TubCoat can be removed from most porous surfaces with a pressure washer.